At Enterforce, we believe there’s a better way to find the talent your organization needs, which is more efficient, less stressful and highly effective in getting the people you need, when you need them. Our clients outsource their recruitment of full-time and contingent staff, as well as consultants and professional service firms to us, and we engage our supply chain to find the right talent for their needs. We leverage our proven processes and technology to help our save clients save money, reduce legal and tax risks, and find the talent they need faster than they could do it on their own.

  1. Cost Control

Under the Enterforce MSP program, the requisition and procurement process supporting the use of contract labor is centralized and automated, vendor contracts are standardized, and billing rates are realigned to the most competitive market rates, all of which results in significant cost savings and enhanced process efficiency.

  1. Faster Fill Rates

The Enterforce MSP model instills competition, thereby resulting in improved responsiveness, and more qualified candidates.  Enterforce will utilize the services of proven qualified staffing suppliers to provide the candidates necessary to meet a client’s workforce requirements.  The candidate selection process incorporates a thorough understanding of manager requirements and is designed to ensure quality and speed time-to-hire.

  1. Diversity

Partnering with many minority-owned and woman-owned recruiting firms is very common under the Enterforce MSP model. These firms offer a richer pool of high-quality, diverse candidates. Greater access to talent ensures that you can meet your diversity goals more easily.

  1. Access to Talent

Enterforce will engage an integrated model of total talent solutions that includes Payrolling Services, architecting Seasonal/Flexible Workforce Solutions, the recruitment and acquisition of Intern/Co-Ops, Direct Hires, as well as Independent Contractors, and Professional Services Statement of Work (SOW) engagement providers.

  1. Efficiency

Enterforce will actively manage program operations and suppliers, while leading program governance and continuous improvement efforts. MSP management activities such as sourcing, assignment/SOW management, expenditure and invoicing management, system administration and support and high-level reporting are a standard offering to our clients.