The demands of each organization’s Human Resources department are numerous; ensuring the timely fill of position openings, answering payroll questions, handling conflict between employees… How can one possibly figure out a way to prioritize work tasks effectively when almost everything is a priority?

Here are some suggestions to help with task completion and time management:

  • Identify your business objectives and assess the value brought to the organization by each task’s completion
  • Make a master list of all your work tasks (monthly, weekly and daily)
  • Identify “urgent versus important” with the help of a Priorities Matrix
  • Separate tasks with seemingly similar priorities using the ABCDE method
  • Break large tasks into smaller pieces
  • Get help from technology / productivity tools
  • Order tasks by estimated effort, and start with something you typically avoid
  • Assess what kind of distractions you face frequently, and come up with solutions to keep them under control
  • Budget non-negotiable time for tasks that must be completed before their deadline
  • Delegate tasks, and ask for help whenever possible or necessary
  • Be adaptable and flexible
  • Perfectionism can hinder meeting deadlines; give tasks your best effort and then let them go
  • Publicize your norms – make sure your requestors understand how much time a project might take and what your backlog might be
  • Give early warnings on possible missed deadlines
  • Measure progress, and get an accountability partner – this can be a Mentor or Direct Supervisor


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