Your employment brand deeply impacts your ability to attract and retain talent.  When all your workforce processes are working in tandem and are tightly aligned, your workforce will feel the positive effects of this effort. Here are several areas that impact your employer brand and some ways to possibly improve!

9 Services That Can Elevate Your Employment Brand By Tightening Up Your Processes

1. Contingent Labor Services

Our supplier network of more than 500 staffing agencies can provide you with the best and brightest talent for your organization, no matter how specialized and difficult-to-find the perfect candidate may be. And, we can do it faster and at a lower cost than other contingent recruiting efforts.

2. Contingent Workforce Management

At Enterforce, we understand that contingent workers (temporary staff) often comprise a significant segment of your workforce. While these employees are typically not permanent fixtures within your organization, it certainly doesn’t mean that they should be anything less than the highest-caliber talent.

3. Direct Hire Services

Our Direct Hire program is powered by best-in-class suppliers who specialize in niche recruiting to find the most sought-after candidates including candidates who may be working for your competitors, and who may not be currently seeking new employment.

4. Independent Contractor Management

When it comes to managing independent contractors, Enterforce has all bases covered. We work closely with you and your team to identify individuals who you want to engage in project work.  These individuals are thoroughly screened and vetted to ensure they comply with the IRS regulations. We help you avoid any issues with misclassification and co-employment risk.

5. Intern-Co-Op Recruitment Management

Tapping into the talent and energy of the workforce of the future by recruiting interns and co-ops is a great way to help meet demands within your organization.  These student workers can be trained to be meaningful contributors to your industry.

6. Managed Service Provider

As an industry pioneer in Managed Services, Enterforce understands that building a high-quality workforce is dependent on a blend of art and science. We help to improve your access to talent, gain greater control of your recruitment costs and relieve your internal HR staff from the time-consuming burden of managing multiple staffing suppliers.

7. Payrolling Services

Clients lessen their human resource risk from benefits and unemployment liability to tax and labor laws by taking advantage of our payrolling services.

8. Recruitment Outsourcing

Put our recruitment outsourcing program to work for you to fill key full-time roles in your organization, including hard-to-fill positions like engineering, IT, finance, industrial (light & heavy), administrative,  healthcare, and HR. Our Recruitment Outsourcing program is powered by best-in-class suppliers with specialist recruiters who excel at reaching out to prime candidates who may be working for your competitors, and who may not be currently seeking new employment.

One of the prime advantages of Recruitment outsourcing is its cost-effectiveness. The recruitment activity can be scaled up or down to match the fluctuation of your hiring needs.

9. Seasonal Workforce Management

Addressing fluctuations in your business cycles is a challenge that we understand at Enterforce. Compressed timeframe demands around heavy recruiting periods is the main focus to find the right talent very quickly and ensure all documentation is managed correctly and consistently. 

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